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17th to 23rd December 2023

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Umer


I am delighted to convey my immense pleasure as we approach the historic Golden Jubilee celebration of Rawalpindi Medical University (RMU) through its sixth international scientific conference, held in collaboration with esteemed partners such as APPNA, RMCAANA, RMCOF, APNEE, UK alumni, Australian Alumni, New Zealand Alumni, Rawalian and others. This event stands as a Mega Scientific Endeavor in the rich history of RMU. This momentous occasion presents a unique opportunity to share knowledge, innovations, and cutting-edge research with experts from the first world and professionals from the developing world. I extend my best wishes to all participants for a wonderful and successful Golden Jubilee RMU Conference, scheduled from 17th to 23rd December 2023. May this event serve as a beacon of excellence in medical education and research, and may it foster lasting connections and collaborations.

Prof. Dr. Jahangir Sarwar Khan

(Principal RMC)

This gives me immense pleasure to write about the fifth international conference of RMU in collaboration with APPNA, RMCAANA, UK alumni, Australian and New Zealand alumni, and others. It is indeed a Mega Scientific Endeavour in the history of RMU. This will be a great opportunity to share the knowledge , innovations, and cutting-edge research with the experts from first world and the professionals of developing world. The alumni from different countries will provide hands on training to the young doctors and students as Well as faculty of RMIJ, This time the APPNA merit is holding a full day research meeting and particularly involving the industry, local researchers and the regulatory bodies, There will be a Gala Dinner and Social Evening that will provide an opportunity to share the past memories of student life and social linkages of Alumni, The Host committee of RMU is working very hard to make this conference a great success. I am sure participants will enjoy the beautiful blossoming flowers of twin cities. I wish great success to all for a wonderful conference.


Abstracts are an integral part of the Annual Scientific Conference and allow you to disseminate and showcase your work to a large national and international audience.

Pre-conference Educational Activities

Pre-conference activities are events, tasks, or preparations that take place before the main conference or event begins. These activities are typically designed to enhance the overall conference experience for participants and ensure that everything runs smoothly once the conference officially starts.


Scientific Conference will include Pre-conference Educational Activities, Core CME Program and Poster Presentations.

Social Events

Social events will include Mentorship dinner, Gala Dinner, Sports Activities and Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Registration & Fee

Registration is open to all physicians and individuals in the healthcare field and includes entrance to the exhibits and all sessions, other than preconference workshops, master classes, Courses and Meet-the-Expert sessions, which are ticketed and require a fee.

Venue Information

Conference will be held in University Campus on Tipu Road, Rawalpindi.


Multiple options for accomodation are availble. Atendees can avail options from given details.


Multiple Educational and Pharmaceutical stalls will be placed at the venue.

Special Symposia

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