Abstracts are an integral part of the Annual Scientific Conference and allow you to disseminate and showcase your work to a large national (and international) audience. Presenting your work can help to inform education and clinical practice, as well as providing personal development opportunities such as improving your presentation skills and enhancing your CV. Top submissions being invited to present either an oral presentation or a poster.

The top scoring abstracts will be offered an oral presentation or poster presentations during the conference and will subsequently be published in the abstract book of conference.

With over 400 submissions last year, we expect a large number of presenters to attend the conference, allowing you to meet and network with a range of clinicians and academics from RMU and beyond. You will be able to share and discuss your findings with experts and connect with those with similar interests.

Abstract submission portal will open by 7th October 2023 till 31st October 2023. Abstract will be submitted as per given format.

You have 300 words in total to complete the following sections about your work:

Aims, objectives and background

  • The purpose of your study
  • Why the topic is important
  • What is new about your study

Method and design

  • Describe the approach you have taken
  • Explain the methods used or proposed
  • Results and conclusions
  • State significant findings
  • The abstract title is not included within the 300 word limit. You may also submit one table OR one figure to support your submission. You will be able to upload this as part of the submission form.

If you submit more than one additional upload (e.g. one table AND one figure) only the first one will be considered, any subsequent uploads will not be reviewed.
If you submit an additional upload which is neither a table nor a figure, this will not be considered.

We are happy to accept published or unpublished work, providing that it has not been presented at another Pakistan national specialty conference.
On submission of the abstract, the main author must ensure that they have the approval from any other authors and contributors involved in the work.
By submitting an abstract the main author is responsible for ensuring that the above criteria are met.

All submissions will be marked anonymously by two reviewers. Each reviewer will score each of the following criteria out of 10:

  • Aims
  • Methodology
  • Conclusion supported by results presented

Quality of writing Once marking is complete, the average score of the two reviewers will be taken and submissions will be ranked from the highest to lowest scoring. The type of presentation offered is dependent on where the submission falls in the overall ranking. The top scoring submissions will be invited to give an oral presentation and rest for poster presentation.

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